Architect Massimo Poggi's study, with its operating offices situated in via Roma, a central street in Genoa, is able to project, elaborate and realize works of refined and exclusive performance which range over various sectors of this discipline. The interest of the study focuses on projects of flats and villas as well as restoration or new construction, of interior design as well as exterior restructuring such as gardens, terraces and parks. His experience and professionalism aiming to satisfy refined and selected clients lead to realize a vast typology of works always characterized by attention in important works and precision in small ones. His capability to make maximum use of tiny spaces in an elegant but functional way allows him to dedicate his attention and passion to the great love of his life: the nautical world. From every polyedric point of view, the attention of the study is to the realization of unique and individual works within the respect of the client. The effort of his works consists of bringing about new ideas able to satisfy even the most peculiar and unusual requests, starting from a recognisable style which becomes everytime surprisingly innovative. Always ready to satisfy every request, willing to take every challenge.

16121 Genova, via Roma 7/5a
t 010 8686325, f 010 8686972
partita iva 01093880993